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Learn about a new methodology for the characterization of actinide ratios

星期三, 四月 22, 2020

Accurate characterization of actinide ratios can provide valuable information for safeguards and other nuclear applications. Glassy nuclear debris forms during the dynamic interplay between the fireball from a nuclear detonation and the Earth’s surface.

Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS) is one of the few techniques that can resolve micron scale elemental and isotopic heterogeneities in such materials. In this study, dynamic multicollector Large-Geometry SIMS (LG-SIMS) was applied to the measurement of U/Pu within individual debris pieces.

The innovative method demonstrated in this application note can be utilized for other materials and isotope systems and is therefore of high interest to nuclear forensics, safeguards, and geochemistry communities measurement.

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