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A lunar agglutinate particle investigation

APT Lunar
Investigation of space weathering processes and effects on lunar soil

A lunar agglutinate particle returned to Earth by the Apollo 11 was analyzed by Atom Probe Tomography. (a) Two nanophase iron particles (A) with ~5-6 at.% nickel and smaller nano-phase iron particles 3-5 nm diameter with less Ni (B) have formed by space weathering of this agglutinate particle’s surface. (b) Carbon-rich (C), sulfur rich (troilite-type) and phosphorus-rich (D, E) inclusions are detected in a microphase Fe particle in the agglutinate surface ~5 µm away from (a).

Recorded on CAMECA LEAP 5000 XS at the NUCAPT facility, Evaston, Illinois, USA. Image courtesy of D. Isheim.
J.B. Lewis et al., Nanometer-scale Analysis of Space-Weathered Lunar Regolith by Atom Probe Tomograhpy. Published online by Cambridge University Press: 30 July 2020.