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Fe-rich KIV clusters in Cu-matrix

APT Bronze

Atom Probe Tomography of additively manufactured nickel aluminum bronze

Nickel aluminum bronze (NAB) bars were fabricated using wire-arc additive manufacturing (WAAM) technology. The WAAM-NAB microstructure typically consists of Cu-rich α-matrix and various κ-intermetallic particles. κII (globular Fe3Al) and κIII (lamellar NiAl) phases formed in the interdendritic regions, whereas fine (5-10 nm)
Fe-rich κIV particles were precipitated uniformly within the α-matrix. Atom Probe Tomography (APT) was utilized to report on the precipitation, size, and distribution of
κIV precipitates at three different locations along the build direction. APT demonstrated that the microstructure in the NAB part is homogeneous.

Recorded on CAMECA LEAP® 5000 at Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai, India. Image courtesy of D. Chalasani.