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NanoSIMS reveals subcellular metabolite activity

NanoSIMS in metabolite activity
Cellular metabolism controls all major cellular processes, including energy generation, cell identity, migration, and differentiation. It is highly dynamic and compartmentalized, whereby metabolites are actively segregated into organelles with distinct functional consequences. Visualization of carbon (red) and nitrogen (blue) assimilation by HEP-G2 cells incubated in growth medium with 13C and 15N isotope labels. Phosphorous distribution map is shown in green.

Results are shown for different embedding media (A-C).
A) LR white 2 % Glutaraldehyde
B) KM4 1% Glutaraldehyde
C) KM4 0.2% Glutaraldehyde

Recorded on a NanoSIMS 50L at Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ Leipzig) in frame of the MetaSCOPE project funded by the Paul Allan Foundation (PI – Bilal Sheikh, Helmholtz Zentrum München). Image courtesy of Lisa Schmidt, Christoph Prönnecke, Faiga Zulfqar,Hryhoriy Stryhanyuk and Bilal Sheikh.