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  • Dynamic SIMS webinar - light elements
    Optimizing the detection limits for light elements using Dynamic SIMS - Webinar

    星期二, 二月 26, 2019 206 天前

    Optimizing the detection limits for light elements ( (H, C, O...) in silicon-based materials is key for a better understanding of semiconductor device life-time and failure modes. Various Dynamic SIMS methods are presented.

  • EPMA mineral dating
    Improving U Th Pb Electron Microprobe mineral dating

    星期二, 二月 12, 2019 220 天前

    A recent publicaton by CAMECA SX user Patrik Konečný describes a new Electron Microprobe analytical method which improves U Th Pb monazite dating by EPMA.

  • NanoSIMS Webinar
    Introduction to the NanoSIMS webinars

    星期五, 一月 25, 2019 238 天前

    View our free-on demand webinars to learn the basics of Dynamic SIMS, the specifics of NanoSIMS, and explore a wealth of applications through our selection of data from high ranking scientific publications.

  • IUAC orders IMS 1300-HR3
    IUAC soon to be equipped with IMS 1300-HR³

    星期五, 一月 18, 2019 245 天前

    The IMS 1300-HR³ at Inter-University Accelerator Center (IUAC) will be the first ultra-high resolution SIMS in India!

  • Material characterization
    CAMECA answers all your material characterization questions!

    星期五, 一月 11, 2019 252 天前

    New market & application brochures provide you with an overview of CAMECA’s broad analytical expertise: metallurgy, geoscience, nuclear, and more!

  • dopamine in cells
    The 2019 CAMECA calendar is available!

    星期五, 一月 4, 2019 259 天前

    Request your free 2019 CAMECA wall calendar with creative images from our instrument users: imaging of symbiotic bacteria in soybean roots, of III-V photovoltaics cells, of nanoprecipitates in aluminum superalloy, and much more!