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  • CAMECA e-news
    Innovative Research in Science & Nature

    星期二, 十月 29, 2019 16 天前

    Our Fall 2019 newsletter presents a selection of recent publications from our users as well as recent applications.

  • EIKOS-UV webinar
    New webinar: Introduction to applications & technology of EIKOS-UV

    星期一, 十月 28, 2019 17 天前

    Learn about the new EIKOS-UV Atom Probe in this short, informative webinar.

  • SIMS-22
    SIMS 22, Kyoto, Japan: Join us!

    星期四, 十月 10, 2019 35 天前

    Mark your agenda & attend CAMECA luncheon, dinner party & presentations.

  • Calendar 2020
    Be part of CAMECA’s 2020 Calendar!

    星期四, 八月 29, 2019 77 天前

    Be part of CAMECA's 2020 calendar and promote your work to a wide audience!

  • Dynamic SIMS Tutorial
    Dynamic SIMS - Essential Knowledge Briefing

    星期三, 八月 14, 2019 92 天前

    Co-edited with Wiley, our 40 page introductory guide to the Dynamic SIMS analytical technique, instrumentation and applications is available for free download.

  • Visit CAMECA booth 21 at Goldschmidt 2019

    星期一, 八月 12, 2019 94 天前

    Learn about recent innovation on our SIMS, EPMA and Atom Probe instruments for Geoscience research and join our Wednesday Aug. 21st Happy Hour!

  • CAMECA at M&M 2019
    Premiering new EIKOS-UV Atom Probe and AP Suite 6 at M&M 2019

    星期二, 七月 30, 2019 107 天前

    Visit CAMECA in booth #422 to learn more!

  • CEA orders Shielded IMS
    A new shielded IMS ion microprobe to equip CEA Cadarache

    星期三, 七月 17, 2019 120 天前

    The French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission will use the instrument to investigate irradiated nuclear fuels and fission gases.

  • APT of Martian zircon
    Nature Geosience paper from our LEAP user Prof. D. Moser

    星期二, 六月 25, 2019 142 天前

    3D APT analysis of old Martian minerals suggests that the conditions for life could have occured on Mars from around 4.2 to 3.5 biillion years ago

  • May 2019 newsletter
    Technology in Nature & Science Newsletter

    星期三, 五月 22, 2019 176 天前

    Read the latest issue of our newsletter and learn about exciting research and new applications

  • APT for Additve Manufacturing
    Webinar: Atom Probe Tomography of Additively Manufactured Materials

    星期五, 四月 26, 2019 202 天前

    Attend Part 2 of our new webinar and learn how APT helps maximize additive manufacturing processes by supporting rapid prototyping, new material creation, direct part replacement, reduced material use...

  • Dynamic SIMS webinar - light elements
    Optimizing the detection limits for light elements using Dynamic SIMS - Webinar

    星期二, 二月 26, 2019 261 天前

    Optimizing the detection limits for light elements ( (H, C, O...) in silicon-based materials is key for a better understanding of semiconductor device life-time and failure modes. Various Dynamic SIMS methods are presented.

  • Nanoscale chemical analysis of mineral-organic interfaces in calcite from mussel shells
    Atom Probe Tomography: a promising tool for biomineral studies & paleoclimatology.

    星期三, 二月 20, 2019 267 天前

    Using the LEAP 5000, University of Alabama scientists obtained the first nanoscale chemical analysis of mineral-organic interfaces in calcite from mussel shells.

  • EPMA mineral dating
    Improving U Th Pb Electron Microprobe mineral dating

    星期二, 二月 12, 2019 275 天前

    A recent publicaton by CAMECA SX user Patrik Konečný describes a new Electron Microprobe analytical method which improves U Th Pb monazite dating by EPMA.

  • NanoSIMS Webinar
    Introduction to the NanoSIMS webinars

    星期五, 一月 25, 2019 293 天前

    View our free-on demand webinars to learn the basics of Dynamic SIMS, the specifics of NanoSIMS, and explore a wealth of applications through our selection of data from high ranking scientific publications.

  • IUAC orders IMS 1300-HR3
    IUAC soon to be equipped with IMS 1300-HR³

    星期五, 一月 18, 2019 300 天前

    The IMS 1300-HR³ at Inter-University Accelerator Center (IUAC) will be the first ultra-high resolution SIMS in India!

  • Material characterization
    CAMECA answers all your material characterization questions!

    星期五, 一月 11, 2019 307 天前

    New market & application brochures provide you with an overview of CAMECA’s broad analytical expertise: metallurgy, geoscience, nuclear, and more!

  • dopamine in cells
    The 2019 CAMECA calendar is available!

    星期五, 一月 4, 2019 314 天前

    Request your free 2019 CAMECA wall calendar with creative images from our instrument users: imaging of symbiotic bacteria in soybean roots, of III-V photovoltaics cells, of nanoprecipitates in aluminum superalloy, and much more!