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  • calendar 2022
    Be part of CAMECA's 2022 calendar

    星期一, 九月 13, 2021 8 天前

    Take part in our annual image competition and display your work in the 2022 edition of the CAMECA wall calendar!

  • Helium Behavior in Structural Materials
    Studying Helium Behavior in Nuclear Structural Materials with SIMS – Application note

    星期二, 八月 17, 2021 35 天前

    CAMECA SIMS instruments are used to investigate helium diffusion & migration in nuclear structural materials with a view to ensure their longevity.

  • semiconductor apt empa sims
    The techniques, applications and future of semiconductor R&D.

    星期五, 七月 30, 2021 53 天前

    Our three experts Olivier Dulac, Karthik Sivaramakrishnan and Robert Ulfig, interviewed by R&D World, explain the role of CAMECA instruments in the future of semiconductors.

  • Apt Microscopy
    Atom Probe Tomography & Microscopy 2021 and APT user's meeting

    星期二, 七月 27, 2021 56 天前

    Join us for the third annual Atom Probe Tomography & Microscopy Conference focused on high-field nanoscience and atom probe microscopy.

  • Nuclear Oxidation - EPMA
    Investigating Absorber Rod Oxidation - Application Note

    星期一, 七月 19, 2021 64 天前

    Assessing the use of hafnium as absorber material in control rods by The French Radioprotection and Nuclear Safety Institute (IRSN) and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

  • Innovative Research in Science & Nature
    Innovative Research in Science & Nature – July 2021 Newsletter

    星期一, 七月 19, 2021 64 天前

    Read the latest issue of our newsletter and learn about exciting research and new applications

  • Digging deep into geochronology with a CAMECA LG-SIMS at the Swedish Museum of Natural History
    Success story! Digging deep into geochronology with LG-SIMS at the Swedish Museum of Natural History

    星期三, 六月 16, 2021 97 天前

    Taking advantage of the LG-SIMS’ superior analytical and imaging capabilities, Prof. Martin Whitehouse was able to date highly challenging rock samples

  • RnD
    Magnifying the Power of Lithium-ion Battery Materials

    星期三, 六月 9, 2021 104 天前

    Interviewed by R&D World, CAMECA Business Unit Manager Jesse Olson explains how CAMECA SIMS and APT instruments are used to increase performance and power efficiency of Li-ion batteries.

  • Goldschmidt 2021
    Join us at Goldschmidt “NANOSCALE GEOCHEMISTRY” event!

    星期二, 六月 1, 2021 112 天前

    Register to attend the original webinar on Goldschmidt

  • White Paper AKONIS
    Next-Generation SIMS Instruments Enable Fast, Accurate Analysis for High-Volume Semiconductor Manufacturing – White Paper

    星期四, 五月 27, 2021 117 天前

    Recent developments allow SIMS to achieve its full potential — as in-fab characterization instrument for high-volume semiconductor manufacturing.

  • SIMS hydrogen
    Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry for Hydrogen & Deuterium Analysis – Application note.

    星期一, 五月 10, 2021 134 天前

    Combining high spatial resolution with ultra-high sensitivity for localized isotope ratio and trace element analysis, NanoSIMS 50L is key to a wide range of hydrogen embrittlement and high strength alloy corrosion studies.

  • APT of human teeth
    Atom Probe Tomography of Human Teeth – Application note.

    星期五, 五月 7, 2021 137 天前

    Investigating the distribution of fluorine and other trace elements on the atomic scale in teeth can increase our ability to repair or replicate dental enamel.

  • Investigating drug distribution in cellular and  subcellular compartments with NanoSIMS.
    Success story! Probing novel therapeutics possibilities with a NanoSIMS at UWA

    星期一, 四月 26, 2021 148 天前

    A recent UWA study in collaboration with UCLA and Ionis Pharmaceuticals focused on an emerging class of pharmaceuticals: nucleic acid therapeutics (NATs).

  •  Atom Probe Tomography of NiMnCo Li-ion battery material
    APT analysis of NiMnCo Li-ion battery material – Application note.

    星期五, 四月 9, 2021 165 天前

    Multiple particles from two types of NiMnCo cathode materials were examined to better understand particle to particle variation.

  • LEAP-automation-packages
    New! Automation packages for the LEAP Atom Probe

    星期五, 三月 19, 2021 186 天前

    Available as options to the AP Suite 6.1 software platform, they address the growing demand for fast and unattended analysis of large numbers of samples.

  • APT Webinars
    2021 Atom Probe Tomography Webinar Schedule

    星期五, 三月 19, 2021 186 天前

    Learn the basics of Atom Probe Tomography and how it is applied to multiple high impact research topics

  • Lithium batteries
    SIMS analysis of ion transport mechanism in lithium-ion batteries – Application note.

    星期四, 三月 18, 2021 187 天前

    A new protocol allows to measure the tracer diffusion coefficient in Li-based thin films using Dynamic SIMS and the ion exchange method.

  • News cea cadarache nuclear
    Success story! Nuclear research with Shielded EPMA at CEA Cadarache

    星期四, 三月 4, 2021 201 天前

    Investigating the impacts of simulated reactor accidents on irradiated fuels to improve safety.

  • success story manchester sims
    Success story! Plant studies with NanoSIMS 50L at the University of Manchester

    星期三, 二月 10, 2021 223 天前

    Investigating the temporal uptake and distribution of iron into wheat grain cells to improve its nutritional content.

  • SIMS Self Focusing
    Compositional Measurement of Confined SiGe Devices with Self-Focusing SIMS

    星期一, 一月 25, 2021 239 天前

    This novel approach to analyzing small features is about ten times faster than a direct study with say TEM and results in more statistically reliable results.

  • Appnote EPMA
    Nuclear fuel optimization with Shielded EPMA – New application note.

    星期五, 一月 8, 2021 256 天前

    In order to facilitate nuclear waste disposal, scientists investigate various processes to recycle the highly radiotoxic Minor Actinides that result from irradiation of oxide fuels in light water reactors.

  • Success Story Caltech
    Success story! Advanced geobiology answers with NanoSIMS at Caltech

    星期一, 一月 4, 2021 260 天前

    Investigating the anabolic activity patterns of marine symbiotic micro-organisms led scientists to an exciting new hypothesis.

    为晶圆厂带去 卓越品质

    星期五, 一月 1, 2021 263 天前

    唯一的全自动化在线 SIMS:直接在半导体生产线中进行实时成分检测。