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IMS Wf / SC Ultra

Below a small selection of IMS Wf and SC Ultra users. Many actors in the semiconductor industry wish to remain confidential and cannot appear here.

ITC-irst (Fondazione Bruno Kessler), divisione FSC, Italy
The FSC division led by Mariano Anderle develops and applies new surface analytical methodologies on last generation microelectronic devices and materials. It is involved in long term collaborations with several leading microelectronics companies. Masterpiece of the Materials and Analysis for Micro-Electronics lab under the direction of Massimo Bersani is a CAMECA IMS SC Ultra.

CNT, Fraunhofer-Center Nanoelektronische Technologien, Dresden, Germany
This public-private partnership between the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft and leading semiconductor manufacturers aims at developing new process technologies for nanoelectronics. It is equiped with state-of the-art instruments for materials charactrization, among which a CAMECA IMS Wf.

Science and Analysis of Materials (SAM), Luxemburg
A departement of Gabriel Lippmann public research center, SAM started its activities in 1992. Both a fundamental and applied research facility as well as an analytical service laboratory, it provides assistance to more than 100 industrial and academic partners worldwide. It is equipped with a CAMECA SC Ultra and a NanoSIMS 50.