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IMS 7f-Auto

IMS 7f-Auto是我们获得成功的IMS xf二次离子质谱仪(SIMS)产品系列的最新型号。该仪器旨在提高高精度元素和同位素分析的易用性和生产率,已针对玻璃、金属、陶瓷、硅基,III-V和II-VI族化合物器件、散装物料、薄膜等一系列颇具挑战性的应用进行改良,可充分满足行业对高效器件开发和过程控制的要求。
  • 产品概述 +

    IMS 7f-Auto提供了具有高深度分辨率和高动态范围的无与伦比的深度剖析功能。高透射质谱仪与两种反应性高密度离子源(O2+和Cs+)相结合,从而提供高溅射速率和极低的检出限。独特的光学设计可实现直接离子显微镜和扫描探针成像。

    IMS 7f-Auto配有重新设计的同轴一次离子枪筒,可以更轻松、更快速地进行一次离子束调谐,并优化一次离子束流稳定性。新的自动化程序最大限度地减少了由操作员引起的偏差并提高了易用性。带有自动装载/卸载样品架的电动储存室通过分析链和远程操作确保高通量。

    借助新型电动储存室和样品转移,IMS 7f-Auto能够分析链式或远程模式下的多个样品。测量可以完全无人值守和自动化,具有无与伦比的通量和可再现性。可实现极高的可再现性(RSD<0.5%)、极低的检出限、高通量和高生产率(工具可每天24小时使用,几乎无需操作员干预)。
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    • Dynamic SIMS for Characterization of Nuclear Materials

      星期二, 一月 14, 2020

      In order to ensure longevity of structural nuclear materials and to improve knowledge on the mechanisms that occur during reactor accidents, it is of great importance to better understand diffusion and migration mechanisms of fission products in nuclear materials and fuel. To that purpose, SIMS analyses are performed on different materials after ion implantation with natural isotopes of high fission yield species (such as molybdenum, helium, xenon, iodine). Application of dynamic SIMS to the characterization of nuclear particles collected in nuclear facilities for safeguards purposes is also discussed.
      Duration : 30 minutes
    • The Principles of Dynamic SIMS

      星期一, 一月 6, 2020

      This free on-demand webinar is an excellent introduction to the dynamic SIMS technique. Different practical aspects are discussed:
      • Choice of primary and secondary beam species
      • Relative sensitivity for various elements
      • Matrix effects
      • Depth resolution & Lateral resolution
      • Depth profiling (choice of impact energy & sputtering rate, calibration method)
      • Scanning ion imaging mode
      A summary of dynamic SIMS main analytical characteristics is provided at the end.
      Duration : 20 minutes
    • Optimization of the Detection Limits for Light Elements (H,C,O) using Dynamic SIMS

      星期三, 一月 22, 2020

      This webinar focuses on the optimization of the detection limits for light elements (hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen atmospheric species) in silicon-based materials using dynamic SIMS. Information on H, C an d O low-level impurities introduced during processing and/or ageing is of major importance for a better understanding of semiconductor device lifetime and failure modes. Dynamic SIMS plays an important role in evaluating the concentration of impurities in solid samples because of its high sensitivity and depth profiling capabilities with high depth resolution and throughput, and the IMS 7f-Auto is designed to achieve optimized detection limits for light elements. Data presented in this webinar shows that significant improvement of H, C, and O detection limits in Si is achieved using the pre-sputtering method. Results obtained using multiple sample holders and the automated storage chamber are also presented.
      Duration : 25 minutes
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  • 科学出版物 +

    使用IMS xf(IMS 3f、4f、5f、6f、7f、IMS 7f-Auto、IMS 7f-GEO)汇编科研文章的Excel电子表格。这些文章按以下主要应用领域进行分类,并且可以使用Excel字词搜索功能 轻松搜索:
    • Materials
    • Geosciences
    • Nuclears

  • 指向全球IMS用户的链接 +

    Several hundred CAMECA IMS 6f, 7f, 7f-Auto and 7f-GEO are installed worldwide, the list below is only a very short extract from our customer list!

    Nanoscale Characterization and Fabrication Laboratory, Virginia Tech, USA

    Operated by the University's Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science (ICTAS), the Nanoscale Characterization and Fabrication Laboratory serves the needs of researchers from VirginiaTech and from the surrounding industrial community, facilitating research in nanoscale engineering and the environment, fuel cells, paleobiology... The NCFL was one the first lab in the world to be equipped with a CAMECA IMS 7f-GEO.

    CalTech Center for Microanalysis, USA

    The Center for Microanalysis at Caltech houses a IMS 7f-GEO and a NanoSIMS 50L, providing expertise for microanalysis of geological, meteoritic and synthetic materials. Research projects carried out at CCM are most varied, ranging from cosmochemistry to experimental studies on climate change, geochronology, in-situ studies of microbial communities, materials science engineering...

    Helmholtz Zentrum Dresden Rossendorf, Germany
    The CAMECA IMS series instrument in Rossendorf is coupled to an accelerator mass spectrometer at the core of the "Super-SIMS" initiative of the Helmholtz Institute Freiberg for Resource Technology.

    University of Manitoba, Manitoba Regional Materials and Surface Characterization Facility, Canada
    Equipped with a CAMECA IMS 7f and several other instruments for materials characterization, the Manitoba Regional Materials and Surface Characterization Facility provides a unique resource to regional government and industrial researchers and enables world-class research into the chemical, structural and morphological nature of surfaces and bulk materials.

    CIM PACA, Arcsis, France

    Located in the South East of France, a basin for semiconductor production, CIM PACA is the flagship characterization platform of ARCSIS, a consortium that unites world-ranking semiconductor groups including Philips, STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments etc... as well as several dozens of small and mid-size companies, engineering schools, research laboratories and universities of the region. CIM-PACA is dedicated to the design, test and validation of new semiconductor technologies.

    CC-MEM, Institut Jean Lamour / Ecole des Mines de Nancy, France

    The Centre de Compétences en Microscopie Electronique et Microsondes (CC-MEM) is a collaborative research facility hosted by the Ecole des Mines de Nancy. The IMS 7f delivered in 2009 at CC-MEM contributes to cutting-edge research in material sciences, metallurgy, nanosciences.

    Cinvestav, Seccion de electronica del estado solido, Mexico
    Created in 1961, Cinvestav (Advanced Studies Center of the National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico) is a leader institution in research and postgraduate education in Mexico and the world

  • 软件 +

    • WinCurve dataprocessing sofware

      WinCurve专为CAMECA SIMS仪器而开发,可在用户友好的环境中提供强大的数据处理和可视化功能。


    • WinImage Software
      WinImage II

      WinImage II专为CAMECA SIMS仪器而开发,可在PC-Windows™环境中提供强大的数据处理和可视化功能。


    • APM Software



  • 升级包 +

    特定于IMS 6f用户:使用我们的IMS 6f大修计划延长仪器的使用寿命:
    IMS 6f离子微探针是坚固耐用的,但其旧电子元件已经过时的仪器。为了最大限度地降低长时间非计划停机的风险,CAMECA提供IMS 6f大修计划,通过全新的电子系统,泵送和真空,新硬件,全自动化,用户友好的采集和处理软件等,完全恢复仪器的活力......
    下载 IMS 6f-E7升级  传单,了解此升级的所有细节及其在性能,生产率,易用性,当然还有正常运行时间和可持续性方面的优势。



    PC-Automation (6f / 7f配备SUN工作站)
    PC自动化系统取代SUN系统,可实现全自动化无人值守操作,大大提高了性能和吞吐量。有关详细信息,请下载IMS 6f PC-Automation升级传单

    后处理站 (6f / 6f-E7/ 7f)

    桌面控制复制 (7f with PC-Automation / 6f-E7)

    APM软件许可证 (6f与PC-Automation / 6f-E7 / 7f与PC-Automation)
    自动粒子测量软件程序,用于快速筛选大量粒子和检测特定元素或同位素。 更多信息

    WinCurve软件许可证(离线) (6f / 7f / 6f-E7)
    提供强大的SIMS数据处理功能。图形功能。 更多信息

    WinImage II软件许可证(离线) (6f / 7f / 6f-E7)



    Cs离子源隔离 (7f with PC-自动化)

    Duo Accel/Decel (7f with PC-Automation)


    A 气闸

    存储室升级 (7f with PC-Automation / 6f-E7)



    Z-Motion (7f with PC-Automation / 6f-E7)

    Turbospectro升级 (7f with PC-Automation / 6f-E7)

    数码摄像机 (7f with PC-Automation / 6f-E7)



    EM Detector Post-accelaration (7f with PC - 自动化)