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Element localization in Dentitruncus truttae using TEM and NanoSIMS

Trace metal localization by correlative NanoSIMS and TEM imaging in the trunk spines of Dentitruncus truttae, an intestinal parasite of brown trout from the Krka River in Croatia. Dentitruncus truttae can act as a bioindicator of environmental conditions, reflecting pollutant exposure of fish.

Recorded on a NanoSIMS 50L at IPREM, Université de Pau, France.
Image courtesy of Maria Angels Subirana and Irena Vardić Smrzlić.
From Filipović et al. First insight in element localisation in different body parts of the acanthocephalan Dentitruncus truttae using TEM and NanoSIMS. Science of The Total Environment, Volume 887, 164010 (2023).