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Investigating the microstructural evolution in uranium-zirconium with APT

evolution in uranium-zirconium
Competing ideas on the phase separation and precipitation in U-Zr metallic fuels have been reported due to irradiation which affects fission products distribution and swelling resistance properties. APT helps to understand microstructural features at nano-scale due to proton irradiation at room temperature in U-50 wt% Zr metallic fuel.

Recorded on a LEAP 5000X HR™ at the Irradiated Materials Characterization Laboratory (IMCL) at Idaho National Laboratory (INL), Idaho Falls, USA. Image courtesy Mukesh Bachhav.
From Sen, Bachhav et al. Irradiation Effects on Stability of δ-UZr2 phase in U-50 wt% Zr Alloy. Journal of Nuclear Materials, Vol. 576 (2023).