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A New Methodology Improves the Accuracy of Pu Isotopic Analyses - Application note

星期三, 四月 19, 2023

Every nuclear process emits micrometric particulate matter that can provide useful information on the industrial origin of the nuclear material. Dynamic Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry is the only technique that can provide both particle location and isotopic measurements using a single instrument, with a high sensitivity and a high lateral resolution. However, Pu isotope analyses remain challenging due to isobaric interferences linked to hydride ions.

Using their CAMECA IMS instrument, researchers at CEA developed a new methodology that improves the accuracy of 240Pu/239Pu isotopic ratio measurements conducted on both Pu oxide and MOX particles. Opening the way to the isotopic characterization of environmental particles containing U, Pu or both elements that may result from nuclear power plants and facilities, this new methodology is of particular interest for nuclear safeguards