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Statistical Process Control of Logic p-mos with AKONIS - Application note

星期一, 六月 19, 2023

The complexity of novel transistor technology architectures such as SiGe FinFETs drives the demand for dopant analysis, for which our customers are in need of stable, automated Statistical Process Control. Combining unparalleled analytical performance and full automation, the AKONIS Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS) tool is designed to support High Volume Manufacturing of 300mm wafers: the tool routinely achieves boron and germanium concentration reproducibility much better than 1% over several months.

Another challenge for logic device manufacturers resides in obtaining high throughput quantification of boron and other light element dopants on multiple patterned wafer pads. Thanks to a unique single detector technology, a bright oxygen source delivering small high-density beam, and a fully automated primary column , the AKONIS enables excellent depth resolution with no compromise on repeatability, even on small pads.

Download the application note "Statistical Process Control of Logic p-mos with AKONIS: B:SiGe monitoring with unequalled long-term stability"  for more data!