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Atom Probe Tomography Training at your own pace!

星期三, 五月 10, 2023

Our online APT Learning Center provides more than 20 hours of video content! We cover specific content on multiple platforms, including the LEAP 5000 and 6000, Invizo 6000, and EIKOS atom probes.

Basic training courses include:
  • AP Suite Basics 
  •  Specimen Preparation and Handling 
  •  Theory, Instrumentation, & Process 
  •  IVAS 6 Reconstruction Wizard 
  •  AP Suite Data Analysis 
  • Data Acquisition

Additional content is available for users with specific options or interests such as Automation, Vacuum Cryo Transfer Module, etc.

The full training program is available for all users at an institution with a current service contract, or users with eligibility under the AP Suite access program.

Request to be enrolled here:

Download our APT training offer flyer and share with your colleagues!