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Arsenic Shallow Implant Monitoring with AKONIS - Application note

星期四, 九月 28, 2023

The production of advanced-node n-mos logic is becoming increasingly intricate, leading to a higher demand for dopant analysis to ensure precision. Major High Volume Manufacturing (HVM) sites are also seeking ways to expedite their processes and boost productivity.

The AKONIS Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS) tool has been developed to address these needs. It offers a combination of analytical prowess and full automation, with a novel ion source and ultra-low-energy primary column that achieves remarkable stability, boasting relative standard deviations of less than 1% for dose measurements across various customer applications. AKONIS excels in arsenic shallow implant analysis, showcasing exceptional repeatability and detection limits. It outperforms competitors in ensuring uniformity control, detecting down to 1% non-uniformity across wafers.
Furthermore, it provides real-time mapping and automated data processing routines compatible with HVM, streamlining operations. In summary, the AKONIS SIMS tool offers a unique blend of analytical excellence, automation, and user-friendliness, ideally suited for current and future logic device requirements.

Download the application note "Arsenic Shallow Implant Monitoring with AKONIS" for more data!