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SiP Shallow Implant Metrology for n-mos Logic Production with AKONIS - Application note

星期三, 九月 6, 2023

FinFETs are the mainstream in high end transistor technology. The complexity of SiP FinFET architectures and hence the number of multiple processing steps drive the demand for dopant analysis, for which our customers are in need of stable and automated Statistical Process Control (SPC).

Contrary to multiple detector SIMS tools which fail at detecting phosphorus in silicon with an oxygen source, AKONIS easily measures and monitors phosphorus shallow implants with unequalled stability. Indeed, phosphorus monitoring requires high mass resolving power only achievable with our proven single detector technology.

AKONIS delivers very high dynamic range, typically better than 3.5 decades at 500eV impact energy with no compromise on repeatability. As an example, even over 25 load-unload cycles, it routinely achieves P concentration reproducibility better than 1%. And in addition to excellent analytical performance and full automation, AKONIS offers automated data processing routines compatible with HVM environment (SEC-GEM compliant).

Download the application note "SiP Shallow Implant Metrology for n-mos Logic Production with AKONIS" for more data!