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Subcellular quantitative imaging of metabolites at the organelle level – NATURE METABOLISM article

星期五, 九月 15, 2023

Sr Director at the Scripps Center for Metabolomics, Prof Siuzdak shows interest in novel Mass Spectrometry Imaging (MSI) techniques that may offer a deep understanding of intricate biological processes at sub-cellular level. Recently published in the journal Nature Metabolism, his article reviews the advances made by Michael Kurczy and team at AstraZeneca with a NanoSIMS-based workflow: absolute quantification of small-molecule imaging is now routinely possible at organelle level.

According to Prof Siuzdak, this new technology leapfrogs traditional MSI approaches and enables researchers to unravel the complexities of metabolic processes by precise mapping of distributions and concentrations  within cells and tissues.  Based on the series of papers published by Kurczy et al. since 2027, Prof Siuzdak concludes that NanoSIMS will play a crucial role in understanding elemental imbalances in disease states and pave the way for more effective therapeutics.
Read the open access paper: Subcellular quantitative imaging of metabolites at the organelle level