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  • webinar intracellular distributions of biomolecules
    Revealing the intracellular distributions of biomolecules with a novel NanoSIMS-based methodology

    星期二, 六月 18, 2024

    Melanie Brunet, Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at the University of Illinois Urbana−Champaign, working under the guidance of Prof. Mary Kraft, will introduce you to new NanoSIMS-based methodology that significantly enhances the accuracy of intracellular biomolecule visualization.

    Key take aways include:
    • Advanced Depth Correction
    • Accuracy in Imaging
    • Validation and Impact
    • Research Applications.

    Duration: 30 minutes

  • webinar dynamic sims
    Enhanced Characterization of Very Deep Proton Implants with Dynamic SIMS

    星期五, 五月 31, 2024

    Explore the superior capabilities of Dynamic SIMS for analyzing low-dose deep proton implants in industrially relevant silicon with Orazio Samperi, University of Catania/STMicroelectronics
    Key take aways include: The importance of proton implantation, the pivotal role of Dynamic Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry for analyzing low-dose deep proton implants in silicon, ensuring quality and performance of semiconductor devices and a new protocol enabling reliable depth profiling of H implants with concentrations in the order of 1E16cm-3, exceeding depths of 20 μm!

    Duration: 60 minutes

  • Launch webinar NanoSIMS-HR
    NanoSIMS-HR: the next frontier in nanoanalysis for science & high tech

    星期二, 四月 2, 2024

    The NanoSIMS-HR is the next generation of the world-acclaimed NanoSIMS 50/50L Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer series which have contributed to major advances in the most diverse fields of fundamental research and industrial innovation: material sciences and semiconductor, geo- and cosmochemistry, plant and soil sciences, environmental microbiology, cell biology and medical research.

    With the new NanoSIMS-HR, CAMECA delivers breakthrough instrumental innovations that will boost the versatility of this unique ion microprobe, improve data quality, and enable scientists and engineers to accelerate discovery and innovation under ever increasing workloads and tighter deadlines. The NanoSIMS-HR brings together all the best features of the previous model, adding cryogenic compatibility, unprecedented 30 nm lateral resolution, enhanced throughput, reliability and uptime.
    You may also contact us ( to request the link to the launch webinar presented by Aurélien Thomen, NanoSIMS Product Manager

  • Gina Greenidge webinar
    Lithium-ion battery research with NanoSIMS

    星期五, 三月 1, 2024

    Gina Greenidge, Higher Scientist at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), UK’s National Metrology Institute, presents a study nitrogen fixation in maize leaf chloroplasts, or the role of vitamin B5 on cancer tumor proliferation.

    Key take aways include:
    • Review the capabilities of the NanoSIMS for nanoscale chemical mapping in LIB samples
    • Observe the collocation of fluorine and phosphorus, and the increase in Li, P and F signals for aged LIB samples
    • Gain insight into LIB anode degradation processes and the challenges that lie ahead for enabling batteries with longer life-time and higher performane

    Duration: 32 minutes

  • Webinar Cecile Becquart
    Improving the targeting of ASO therapeutic by NanoSIMS sub-cellular imaging

    星期五, 二月 23, 2024

    Cécile Becquart, post-doctoral fellow at AstraZeneca, presents recent advances in Antisense Oligonucleotides (ASOs) and the use of NanoSIMS to image and quantify the distribution and accumulation of ASOs within cells.

    Key take aways include:
    • Review challenges in terms of delivery of ASOs to specific tissues and inefficient escape from endolysosomal compartments which restrict their use in the clinic
    • Understand the mechanisms underlying how ASOs enter cells and exit the endolysosomal space
    • Learn about the specifics NanoSIMS sub-cellular quantitative imaging

    Duration: 18 minutes